Am I a Foodie in Belfast! Oh yes!

I love good food and am very likely to purr like a Cheshire cat if I am served a spectacular meal. Cue Belfast on my first tour. At the end of a busy weekend and with a couple of hours to spare, I had spotted a little bistro called ‘Deanes Deli’ which seemed to attract all the local business people which is always a good sign. So in I went and ordered a three course lunch.. Goats Cheese Fritters with an onion marmelade to start, Pork Belly with Mash and gravy and finished off with a Pear and Apple crumble with a sea salted caramel ice cream. It was simply perfect from start to finish and what made it even better was that the main course was served by a (obviously having had a drink or more the night before) waiter, who put down the plate and said ‘enjoy your meal miss’ with a big smile with some missing teeth. Life just does not get better than this!

Pork Belly