I suppose one must keep up! So I have set up a twitter account for musings here and there. It is all new to me but I will learn 🙂

Am I a Foodie in Belfast! Oh yes!

I love good food and am very likely to purr like a Cheshire cat if I am served a spectacular meal. Cue Belfast on my first tour. At the end of a busy weekend and with a couple of hours to spare, I had spotted a little bistro called ‘Deanes Deli’ which seemed to attract all the local business people which is always a good sign. So in I went and ordered a three course lunch.. Goats Cheese Fritters with an onion marmelade to start, Pork Belly with Mash and gravy and finished off with a Pear and Apple crumble with a sea salted caramel ice cream. It was simply perfect from start to finish and what made it even better was that the main course was served by a (obviously having had a drink or more the night before) waiter, who put down the plate and said ‘enjoy your meal miss’ with a big smile with some missing teeth. Life just does not get better than this!

Pork Belly

You know you are a WG/Punter when:

This was a thread that made me giggle on Punternet some time back… Worth publishing on here..

You know you are a WG/Punter when.. …..

…..You go to a nightclub and see a man arrive with 2 stunning women who then proceeds to start kissing each other on the dance floor with every guy in the place feeling jealous of the lucky guy.. You know you are a WG because it takes one to spot one (two in this case!!)

…..You know you are a WG when it never seems to bother you throwing your lingerie across the room anymore.. Here is to the days of taking it off under the covers (pre-WG days )

…..Whenever you see a beautiful girl/lady and you wonder if or hope she is an escort and how much her hourly rate is.

…..When in restaurants you look around and see if you can spot an escort/client combination at another table.

…..When a friend says “I’m going punting in Cambridge this weekend” and wonders why you suddenly choke on your drink!

…..When you go on a package holiday and have your fingers crossed that the free watersports is actually snorkling or windsurfing.

…..When O – levels and A – levels are talked about and you are not thinking of history or English Literature!!

…..When you are always in superdrug buying condoms lube and baby wipes and the cashiers look at you weird.

…..When a woman smiles at you on the tube and you give her a fiver

Conversations during a booking.

So, what sort of things gets discussed during a booking?

I have listed some of the funny, odd and unusual conversations I have had during meets.

… Why is it that many men in Peterborogh always seem to have beards?? I have asked several clients from Peterborough but have never had a decent answer.

…The difference in taste between low-fat and regular custard!!

…How the electric chair was invented by a dentist…

…How to clean a microwave (put bowl of water with a slice of lemon and leave on full power for 10 mins. Everything stuck just falls off, so I am told. (Quite a handy tip that, must try it very soon)

…The problems of blocked anal gland(s) in small canine pets. I know!!

…The poor state of the pavement outside the venue…we both agreed we should contact the council.

…Which fabric softner is best.

…Preferring a hard or softer matress.

…The IRA bombings

…The correct procedure for inseminating cows… ie… how they get the man cow in position to make love to the lady cow… it is far more complex than you think… just giving her a bottle of Jacobs Creek and a box of Ferrero Rochers won’t do it…

…How to dispose of a dead sheep without incurring vets fees!

…How to cook goulash…