Sinusitis, rabbits. ear plugs and memory lane

Sinusitis hurts!

Flying into Dublin a few weeks ago, I was comfortably dozing off only to be woken by what felt like hundreds of needles being inserted into my forehead when the plane started descending. I have never had any problems with flying before so did worry a bit after. Apparently, sinusitis according to a doctor client of mine.. But just ouch on the pain, a completely new experience!

Worried flying back again to England and had strict instructions to take aspirin, paracetamol and to insert ear plugs when about to descend. As we were taxiing on the approach to the runway I saw lots of movement. All rabbits running around on the actual runway, ideally because they were nicely with each other in my mind 🙂 (but they could of course have been males trying to beat each other up for the females attention!)

Aspirin and paracetamol taken and on descend inserted ear plugs. Amazing how quiet it gets! First time trying ear plugs. But no pain so just yay on the advice.

And another picture from my earlier days. Enjoy xxPia30

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