Ukash and Poker

I pay for some of my advertising by Ukash vouchers as it is easier.  When purchasing a voucher you have to specify if this relates to over or under 18 years of age. So there I am asking for £30’s worth over 18 and the owner of the news agents goes ‘Gambling?’. I could hardly say ‘no, actually, I am an escort and this is for my advertising’ So the answer was ‘yes’. He replied ‘Poker?’ I answered ‘yes’.. He then goes ‘which sites do you use?’

You know when you just think ‘Oh shoot, what did I just get myself into’! My face must have been amusing. Thankfully he said ‘I use PKR’ whereby I could only answer ‘So do I, So do I!’ And I then asked him if he ever wins whereby he replied ‘yes, here and there’

Made my day, I am now a Poker player. Who would have thought! I shall go and look at manuals on how to play poker.


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